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The Emsrind

Emsrind is a label for a special premium quality meat, which has dry-aged on the bone for several weeks. It impresses with its prime quality of exclusively German cattle. Therefore, our dry aged beef offers an absolutely natural taste experience.

For Emsrind, we have put together an exclusive range of products. The quality of our cattle is priority. To ensure that, we work together with a handful of hand-selected farmers and partners from the north-west of Germany, the region along the Wesermarsch into the Emsland. We know where the Emsrind comes from – premium beef made in Germany. We support German famers and offer meat of regional origin. All cattle were reared, slaughtered and dissected in Germany.

Emsrind – the best German dry aged beef

To put the crown of taste on the meat, it is refined under special conditions with the dry aging process. The meat is cooled and matured in intensively ventilated chambers up to 21 days on the bone. This is how the meat becomes a premium dry aged beef and the particularly delicate and characteristic nutty taste really develops to its fullest advantage.

Out of love for meat, Emsrind stands for 100% craft.

  • Dry Aged Beef vom Emsrind - 21 Tage gereift
  • 21 Tage gereift - Dry Aged Beef vom Emsrind
  • Steak vom Emsrind
  • Steak vom Emsrind gebraten
  • Dry Aged Beef vom Emsrind roh zubereitet


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