Dry aged beef correctly prepared

A dry aged steak from the Emsrind is something very special and should therefore be prepared with love.

Dry Aged Steak vom Emrsrind richtig zubereiten
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    Before the dry aged steak goes onto the grill or into the pan, it should be taken out of the fridge about 30-60 minutes before it reaches room temperature. Like that, the meat can develop to its fullest taste.
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    Shortly before heating, rub the steak with a little neutral oil and coarse salt to increase the roast aromas.

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    Now roast the beef on the grill or in the high temperature pan neatly.
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    When the steak reaches the desired degree of browning, it moves in a preheated oven at 100 degrees. Here it can be cooked to a relaxed finish. Like this, you achieve a continuous medium rare colour of the meat. Here is the rule: about 20 minutes per thumb thickness of the steak.

  • 05

    If the perfect core temperature is reached, the steak should be rested briefly before serving. You can cut the steak in tranches.

  • 06

    Ready – now you can enjoy the with love prepared steak.

How do you love your steak?

For the perfect steak is the right core temperature decisive. Do you like your steak rare or well done? Most importantly, the steak inside is nice juicy and tender. In addition to the core temperature, the quality, the correct thickness of the meat, a good marbling and the optimal ripening plays an important role.

  • Rare

    48-52 degrees core temperature
    The core of the meat is still bloody and nicely juicy.
  • Medium Rare

    52-55 degrees core temperature
    Inside, it is no longer raw, but slightly pink.
  • Medium

    56-59 degrees core temperature
    The core of the steak is tender pink.
  • Well done

    60-62 degrees core temperature
    The core from the steak is well done.


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