dry aged beef from the Emsrind

Dry Aging Reiferaum mit Rico Schlegel

How does the Emsrind become something very special?

We refine our beef with the dry aging process. For that, the beef matures dry on the bone for several weeks. The Dry Aged beef is an absolute delicacy and is sought after among all meat lovers. The dry maturation is not a new invention, rather an old craftsmanship - hanging meat as in grandfather’s time gets a completely new definition.

We live for the old traditional craft and without a doubt, dry aging is the best way to refine and perfect the best meat. We work hard every day to achieve this perfection.

Dry Aged Beef neue Ware für das Emsrind

The right selection of the cattle

The way of meat processing starts with the selection of the right cattle. Decisive for us is a meat with high quality by the correct rearing of the animals. For the Emsrind we only use beef from selected and competent farmers from north western Germany. We have known our partners for a long time. These cattle grew up under the best conditions, in an intact social herd and felt comfortable throughout the rearing.


Dry aging maturation process

The meat of the cattle is cooled and hung in intensively ventilated chambers. It matures dry in the air as well as on the bone under special conditions: at least 21 days dry aged, under constant control and management of the climatic conditions.

The air contact lets the beef dry from the outside. The meat is deprived up to 30% water until it reaches its perfect maturity, this intensifies the taste. For the maturation rooms, we have built our own salt walls. This way, the meat dries and matures completely naturally. The temperature, humidity and air circulation must constantly be controlled.

During the maturation process we use a complex control procedure to ensure a perfectly controlled climate, which compares to the North Sea climate. The air is constantly circulated and permanently dried again. Like that, the beef matures for several weeks under absolutely natural conditions.

Dry Aging Reifeprozess vom Emsrind

The result: premium dry aged beef

Through the dry aging process, the beef of the Emsrind gets its delicate and characteristically nutty taste and ensure an absolute taste firework on the palate.

This is how we make the best steaks from our premium dry aged beef.

Dry Aged Beef nach 21 tägige Reifung vom Emsrind


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