Dry Aged Côte de Boeuf vom Emsrind

Côte de Boeuf Dry Aged

The côte de boeuf is a very delicious premium beef from the German cattle. The meat is aged for 21 days on the bone and thus receives an unmistakable taste. The côte de boeuf or rib of beef is cut from the high rib, exactly from the 8th to 12th rib, between neck and roast beef. The cut is a rib-eye on the bone and an absolute eye catcher on the grill.

The rib of beef is a real steak for men. The cut consists essentially of meat, fat and bone. Especially by the high marbling it inspires every steak lover. Through the dry aging, the steak becomes particularly delicate and due the high fat content, the steak gets a nice beef flavour when heated. Whether on the grill or in the pan, the côte de boeuf is an absolute culinary delight and tastes very intense and aromatic.

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ca. 2 x 0,3kg


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